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About This Blog

This blog is for anyone interested in raising their children in a foreign language--meaning a language which neither of the parents speak natively.
We have used the approach where both parents speak the target foreign language (in our case, German) to the children. Neither of us is a native German speaker, yet we have spoken German in our home for the past 20 years and have 8 German speaking children. In this blog, we hope to share our successes, our lessons learned and a few of the insights that we've gained along the way.

Peetut Butter und Honig

Here are my baby twins (as opposed to my older twins) putting in their lunch orders--in German, of course. At the time of this recording they are about 4 and a half years old.

As you see, sometimes we don't use the German word for an item. Somehow, we always use "peanut butter" instead of "Erdnussbutter". I don't really know why. It's just one of those things. We have several words like that: peanut butter, bubbles, sandwich, stinker, etc. We just simply stick the English word into our German sentence: "Schau die vielen Bubbles an" (instead of Blasen). It's something we could (and probably should) correct, but we just don't worry about those few minor vocabulary exceptions. Sometimes, the one language just has a better word to describe what we're taking about. For example, if I say "Marmaladenbrot" I usually picture an open face sandwich. But if I use the word sandwich, then I know that I'm picturing a bread on top and on bottom with stuff in the middle. Plus, sometimes I just like the English word better. For example I like the word bubbles better than the word Blasen...maybe because Blasen makes me think of blisters and I don't like blisters.


Janessa Couch said...

Awesome! I wish I knew another language to teach my children. Your kids are so adorable!

Nina Shurts said...

Janessa, I'm seeing if I can reply to your comment. Just seeing if this works. I'm new to this blogger business.

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